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Anrede. 2006-2012 Mag.rer.nat. Mobiltelefon Fax. Find more German words at! Phone +43 316 873 - 6955 Mobile 0699-12332340. silvia.wallner rer. Vorname * Nachname * Straße * Adresszusatz. Nat. Postdoctoral Researcher Magister der Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften. Dr. rer. Dr.rer.nat. Since 2016, Sabine Ettinger is responsible for the coordination of European assessments on non-pharmaceutical technologies as well as for the development and improvement of related processes and tools within the European network for HTA (EUnetHTA) at the LBI-HTA (since March 2020 AIHTA GmbH).Before that she was working as a project manager at a European organization in the field of … During his PhD-Thesis David Hercher is working in the field of peripheral nerve regeneration. Albert, Dietrich, em.Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.nat. 1977–1985 BundesgymnasiumSt.Veit/Glan. Position: Associate Professor. Titel. Mag. Stellvertreter: Dr. rer. Mag.