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There’s no better show than Outlander to celebrate romance. He is the one man that drew many of us into the series. This vid here is more than everything my ode to David Berry's eyes. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. I am new to Outlander. 25 shows to watch on Netflix if you love Outlander, Outlander books chronological order: Timeline breakdown, Outlander: 25 best Claire and Jamie moments thus far, Outlander: 25 most romantic moments so far, Outlander Season 4, Episode 6: Clearing the air between Claire and Lord John Grey. Set in 1766 - Jamie Fraser has set up his printing shop in Edinburgh and John Grey has married Isobel Dunsany and is bringing up William Ransom, knowing him to be the son of Jamie. Outlander: David Berry talks John Grey, and his feelings for Jamie 'Lord John is dealing with an an internal conflict of character,' the actor says Deep at heart, he’s a guy who will always do the right thing, whatever the situation. Share your thoughts in the comments below. In book 3 Jaimie is willing to give his body to LJG in exchange for LJG taking care of Willie. It was clear that the other prisoners were helping Jamie escape as they created a distraction for the guards while Jamie ran in the other direction. If there’s one thing we understand as Outlander fans, it’s why anyone could simply adore Jamie Fraser. John Grey had been quite resigned to dying. Grey, unaware of Jamie's real intentions, agreed to let the men place snares to then collect the following day. Jamie would never "flirt" with John because Jamie views homosexuality as abhorrent (not just because of what happened with BJR, but also because of his religious beliefs). Grey first appears in the second Outlander novel Dragonfly in Amber (1992) as a sixteen-year-old English soldier who chances upon Jamie and Claire Fraser on the eve of the Battle of Prestonpans. (In book 2 at one point, Ian accidentally tries to cuddle with Jamie, as they're traveling together and in his sleep Ian mistakes Jamie for Jenny, and Jamie nearly strangles Ian to death on impulse.). John was first introduced into the Outlander world in Season 2 as a young British soldier captured by Jamie and fellow highlanders. SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 03: David Berry attends the 2018 AACTA Awards Presented by Foxtel | Industry Luncheon at The Star on December 3, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. Hal is about nine years older than John, and although it is unclear just how much older John's half-brothers are, John was about ten … That’s why Jamie pushed John away for so long. Is it spelled out more in the books? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. In season 3 Jamie even threatens to kill LJG after LJG touches his hand affectionately. John is sexually attracted to Jamie, but Jamie is not sexually attracted to John. 5 best moments from Outlander Season 2, Episode 7. Claire doesn't always have the greatest reactions when other people show interest in Jamie, and she didn't have the friendliest reaction to John Grey when they crossed paths back in … Of course, there’s also the aspect of John being an honest and good man. I have a question about Jamie and Lord John Grey’s relationship in the books. Another audience member wanted to know if Jamie Fraser is modeled on any real life character. The things Lord John Grey felt for Jamie were some of the things Frank felt for Claire. This new deleted scene from season 5, episode 11 gives Jamie Fraser and Lord John Grey a moment alone to mourn the death of their friend Roger Murtaugh, and make a … Lord John Grey is not only a good friend to Jamie, he also raised Jamie's son. As much as John loves Jamie, that love isn’t returned. Lord John Grey in Blood of My Blood with Jamie Fraser (Starz) Even though Grey's love was rejected by Jamie, everything Grey has done or is doing is born out of love for Jamie. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Started binging around Christmas now half way through season 4 (episode 6). Which moment has you love the most throughout the seasons? 5 thoughts while rewatching Outlander Season 1, Episode 14. It’s true. And not for the reason you would think. In the woods, an hour’s ride outside Philadelphia. Fraser’s to be executed at dawn, but Grey can’t bear to see his friend hang without speaking to him one last time, and Fraser hopes not to be hanged at all. Fan-favourite character Lord John Grey only appears in this particular novel through letters between him and Jamie, although the TV folks have made the wise decision to … Lord John Grey. In season 4 of Outlander, Lord John Grey returned to, once again, save Jamie (Sam Heughan), Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and their family in more … In Season 3, they crossed paths again at … John William Bertram Armstrong Grey was born to Gerard Grey, Duke of Pardloe and Earl of Melton, and his wife Benedicta Grey, née Armstrong. Outlander has introduced a pivotal character to the entire series in season three: Lord John Grey. Outlander Season 4, Episode 5 reminds us things haven’t changed all that much, Why the ‘bear’ attack on Outlander Season 4, Episode 4 worked for me, Outlander Season 4, Episode 3: What was needed to really sell Brianna and Roger, 5 thoughts while rewatching Outlander Season 1, Episode 15, Why watch A Place to Call Home as an Outlander fan. Yes, he’s had some slip-ups, but everyone has them. It's pretty explicitly spelled out on the show. What do you love the most about Lord John Grey? CBS still in talks to acquire STARZ: What could this mean for Outlander? Because he wanted to vilify him. Claire Fraser and Lord John Grey last came face-to-face in Outlander’s third season, but Lord John has finally returned in the Starz drama’s fourth season. Something that I loved about Episode 6, “Blood of My Blood,” was that Lord John Grey and Claire Fraser had the chance to talk openly. “Well, I have been married to a tall redhead with a sense of humor for almost 45 years,” Gabaldon says. It doesn’t matter what our sexual orientation, culture, upbringing, or race is. John Grey & Jamie Fraser - All I Want (Outlander) John's POV Part 2 of my John / Jamie double. Or is it just deep friendship and gratitude for what LJG has done for him? After giving up this information Jamie says he must kill him as he is a spy and he asks John if he'd like the bullet in the head or the heart. Outlander Season 4 is now available on Amazon Video, DVD, and Blu-ray. Whether fans believed John would say such a thing or not (people say all sorts while delirious with fever), it brought up the similarities between their stories. Not in the way that John would like. There is some sexual tension between the two later as it is alluded to S3E13, the Bakara . Had expected it from the moment that he’d blurted out, “I have had carnal knowledge of your wife.” The only question in his mind had been whether Fraser would shoot him, stab him, or eviscerate him with his bare hands. This is something we all have in common. Lord John Grey is a beloved character from the Outlander series, played by Australian actor David Berry. They randomly show up in North Carolina! Lord John will be conflicted in his loyalties in season five. There’s always been one who has got away, whether it’s of the same or the opposite sex. Will Lord John Grey betray Jamie Fraser in Outlander season 5? In A Breath of Snow and Ashes Jamie tells Claire that offering his body to LJG in exchange for taking care of Willie was a test, to see what kind of a man John is. It's friendship. … Recognizing Jamie as a wanted rebel and presuming Claire to be his prisoner, Grey attempts to save her. However, Jamie couldn’t offer himself to John in the way Claire could never do so to Frank after she returned from the past. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. The final exchange between the two is when Jaimie holds LJG face in his hands and bends down and kisses him on the lips. During an interview with Hollywood Life, David Berry touched on the unrequited love aspect of the storyline. Lord John Grey’s love for Jamie is the most relatable thing about the character in Outlander. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. He specializes in the history of modern philosophy, and his research examines the systematic attempts of various early modern authors to provide metaphysical foundations for psychology, ethics, and politics. I mean if you watch or read outlander you would know how Jamie feels about this kind of relationships, definitely angry and disgusted. In a way, their similarities were the unrequited love aspect. If John has accepted Jamie's offer, then Jamie would not have allowed LJG to take care of Willie. Jamie's kid is a … LJG is very clear that he loves Jaimie but declines the offer saying that he would never ask Jaimie to do something like that...he is a gentleman. After all, Claire and Jamie certainly have their fair share of moments. Maybe it’s being able to understand this that makes Lord John Grey such a likable character, someone many want to see more of. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Lord John Grey and Jamie Fraser (Starz) In all the hullabaloo of the Mackenzie family leaving to travel to the future and Claire Fraser's (Caitriona Balfe) kidnapping, Lord John Grey's (David Berry) visit was almost eclipsed. I saw the friendship and gratitude on the show, I was just curious if the books innuendo anything else. 11 months ago. We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images for AFI). The rebel Jamie Fraser is once more at the mercy of the English…and Lord John Grey. Using the threat of harm to Claire, Jamie tricks Grey into revealing information about the nearby British forces, and spares the boy's life. 'Outlander' fans, even those who met him for the first time, especially in season 4, will not double guess if he loves Jamie … I don’t understand the weight of suspicion and hostility that Claire directs at John Grey. To have the injured husband regard him calmly, and say merely, “Oh? Jamie tells Claire the true story of the seal cove and the treasure – he didn’t throw it into the sea as he told John Grey. John Grey has been raising Willie as his own, as he promised Jamie he would, the noble son-of-a-bitch. This is even something that is brought up in Outlander Season 4. People 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries. I even think Claire notices something there from time to time. I have picked up on the same "chemistry" between them in the show, but in the books it's not there. In the show, LJG is clearly infatuated (in love) with Jamie, but I also notice Jamie has a little flirt in his eye when he is alone with LJG. The treasure is still there, with gemstones and ancient coins. Am I imagining this? I am not referring to OP but sometimes I can't understand fans who ship Jamie and Lord John. John tells Jamie that his name is William Grey and that he is with a troop of 200 men marching to join General Cope's army and they have cannon and mortar with them. Grey has three elder brothers: Harold \"Hal\" Grey, from his parents' marriage, and Paul and Edgar DeVane, half-brothers from his mother's first marriage. I don't know maybe fans just want the actors together :-). Outlander: John Grey actor talks about the love triangle with Claire and Jamie this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. If there’s one thing we understand as Outlander fans, it’s why anyone could simply adore Jamie Fraser. Exactly. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. Jamie would never have actually gone through with sleeping with John. And deep gratitude. But after all LJG has done for him (taken care of his son, saved him from being sent to the colonies, etc), there is indeed deep friendship and gratitude. We’ve all loved someone and it’s not been returned, not in the way that we’d like. Sir John de Grey, 1st Baron Grey de Rotherfield (c.1300–1359), founding member and 14th Knight of the Order of the Garter in 1348; John de Grey, 2nd Baron Grey of Rotherfield (1320–1375), 2nd Baron Grey of Rotherfield; John Grey (MP for Bedford), MP for Bedford 1406 John Grey (Devon MP) (died 1413), MP for Totnes, Exeter and Barnstaple Outlander Season 5: Does recent filming updates help us guess when the season will premiere? Claire and Jamie are interrupted mid-coitus by Marsali MacKimmie and Laoghaire Fraser. However, it’s not just this that makes Lord John Grey’s love for Jamie so relatable. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In case you'd forgotten, Jamie has a son who's been living with Lord John Grey—and surprise! RELATED: Outlander: 10 Jamie And Lord John Grey Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words. I know that the upcoming episode to reintroduce John Grey is called “All Debts Paid,” but because they be doing Jamie’s flashbacks as well as Claire, I wish the episode was titled “Unwelcome Allies.” because that’s what Frank and John are to them. When will Men in Kilts likely premiere in early 2021? John Grey received his Ph.D. from Boston University. A subreddit for the Diana Gabaldon book series and STARZ television show. Lord John Grey (311) Jamie Fraser (233) Claire Beauchamp (152) Brianna Randall Fraser MacKenzie (63) Jenny Fraser (47) Geillis Duncan (44) William Ransom (44) Ian Murray (37) Frank Randall (34) Murtagh Fraser (34) Exclude Relationships Claire Beauchamp/Jamie Fraser (146) Build your custom FanSided TV email newsletter with news and analysis on Outlander and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. Your privacy is safe with us. I saw the friendship and gratitude on the show, I was just curious if the books innuendo anything else. Thank you in advance! There is olso an strong reaction from Jamie in latest book about this matter. It's just friendship in the books. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. To celebrate Valentine’s Day 2020, we’re looking at some of the most romantic quotes Lord John Grey has ever said on Outlander. He is the one man that drew many of us into the series. Given what happened with Black Jack Randall at the end of season 1 Jamie has strongly averse feelings towards men coming onto him. What’s so relatable about his character?

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