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Wulfhere; The Last Kingdom (2015-) The Last Kingdom. He subsequently gave both the island and the territory of the Meonware, which lay along the river Meon, on the mainland north of the Isle of Wight, to his godson King Æthelwealh of the South Saxons. The Last Kingdom: Season 3 (Trailer) More Details. „The Last Kingdom“ bringt seit 2015 in bisher drei Staffeln die sogenannte Uthred-Sage von Autor Bernard Cornwell ins Fernsehen. What matters is that Young Odda has claimed the credit. As Ubba leaves, Uhtred tells Odda that now is the time to attack. Young Odda hands Alfred Ubba's axe as proof of his demise. For other kingdoms than his native Northumbria, such as Wessex and Kent, Bede had an informant within the ecclesiastical establishment who supplied him with additional information. During the years 667–69, while Wilfrid was at Ripon, Wulfhere frequently invited him to come to Mercia when there was need of the services of a bishop. Dialogregie: Frank Preissler. The northern porti… The Last Kingdom is a British historical fiction television series based on Bernard Cornwell 's The Saxon Stories series of novels. "The Pale Horseman" Deceased The monastery had initially been endowed by Peada; for the dedication of Wulfhere's gift both Archbishop Deusdedit (died 664), and Bishop Jaruman (held office from 663), were present. Grey Uhtred è il figlio di un nobile sassone defunto. Bede reports that they had kept Wulfhere in hiding, and when the revolt succeeded Wulfhere became king. Er selbst wird von den Invasoren verschleppt, welche ihn allerdings wie einen Sohn großziehen. According to the Chronicle, this was the first time Christian baptism had reached the island. Wessex Jetzt heißt es wohl oder übel: warten. [25] Penda was killed and beheaded by Oswiu, who divided Mercia into northern and southern halves. Swithhelm of the East Saxons also died in 664; he was succeeded by his two sons, Sigehere and Sæbbi, and Bede describes their accession as "rulers ... under Wulfhere, king of the Mercians". [7] However, on 5 August 642, Penda killed Oswald at the Battle of Maserfield, probably at Oswestry in the northwest midlands. This attempt to establish close control of Mercia failed in 658 when three Mercian leaders, Immin, Eafa and Eadbert, rebelled against the Northumbrians. [6], After Edwin's death, Northumbria briefly fell apart into its two constituent kingdoms. [57], Eorcenberht was the king of Kent at Wulfhere's accession, and the two families became connected when Wulfhere married Eorcenberht's daughter Eormenhild. [50], In the early 670s, Cenwealh of Wessex died, and perhaps as a result of the stress caused by Wulfhere's military activity the West Saxon kingdom fragmented and came to be ruled by underkings, according to Bede. [59][60] Frithuwold himself was probably married to Wilburh, Wulfhere's sister. He admits to being in Cornwalum with Uhtred. The situation in Kent at Egbert's death in 673 is not clearly recorded. Residence Leofric is introduced as a witness. Stagione 2 - Ep. [9] On Oswald's death, Northumbria was divided again: Oswald's son Oswiu succeeded to the throne of Bernicia, and Osric's son Oswine to Deira, the southern of the two kingdoms. He conquered the Isle of Wight and the Meon valley and gave them to King Æthelwealh of the South Saxons. For the archbishop, see. He kicks Æthelwold awake as he sleeps in a cell. ("Episode 1.7"), After Uhtred, Leofric, and several archers kill the nearby Danes, they watch as the ships go up in flames. [42][43], Wulfhere's relationship with Bishop Wilfrid is recorded in Stephen of Ripon's Life of Wilfrid. Wulfhere was succeeded as King of Mercia by his brother, Æthelred. Drama Programmes. The Last Kingdom. [54][55], In 664, Æthelwald of East Anglia died, and was succeeded by Ealdwulf, who reigned for fifty years. For the situation at Wulfhere's death, see Kirby. [23], In 655 Penda besieged Oswiu of Northumbria at Iudeu, the location of which is unknown but which may have been Stirling, in Scotland. By 670, when Oswiu died, Wulfhere was the most powerful king in southern England. Britannien im 7. [13][14] The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle gives Penda's age as fifty in 626, and credits him with a thirty-year reign, but this would put Penda at eighty years old at the time of his death, which is generally thought unlikely as two of his sons (Wulfhere and Æthelred) are recorded as being young when he was killed. Uhtred’s punishment is to grovel, much like Æthelwold. Stephen of Ripon's Life of Wilfrid says that Wulfhere "stirred up all the southern nations against [Northumbria]". Einige Historiker datieren seine Regierungszeit in die Jahre von 657 bis 674. [28] Oswiu then ruled all Mercia himself. Dieser soll entscheiden, ob Uhtred Gottes Gnade widerfährt oder nicht. [65], Wulfhere died later in 675. 100% Kostenlos Online 3000+ Serien Within a few years, the Dorchester see was abandoned;[46] the exact date is not known, but it was probably in the mid 660s. He was the first Christian king of all of Mercia, though it is not known when or how he converted from Anglo-Saxon paganism. The Gewisse, thought to be the original group from which the West Saxons came, appear to have originally settled in the upper Thames valley, and what records survive of the 6th century show them active in that region. Als junger Erwachsener wird sein Ziehvater Ragnar jedoch von eigenen Leuten verraten und ermordet. Reign The Tribal Hidage is difficult to date precisely; it may have been written down in Wulfhere's reign, but other suggested origins include the reign of Offa of Mercia, or Edwin or Oswiu of Northumbria. Jaruman was not the first bishop of Lichfield; Bede mentions a predecessor, Trumhere, but nothing is known about Trumhere's activities or who appointed him. He informs them that the Ubba and the Danes have been defeated. Character Based on a Real Historical Figure, https://the-last-kingdom.fandom.com/wiki/Wulfhere?oldid=19797, This character has been based on a real historical figure of. Young Odda and Wulfhere ride out on horses. Alfred asks about the men in the camp. This does not seem to have been the case with Mercia, about which Bede is less informative than about other kingdoms. [6][15] Wulfhere's date of birth is unknown, but Bede describes him as a youth at the time of his accession in 658, so it is likely he was in his middle teens at that time; Penda would then have been in his thirties at the time Wulfhere was born. Watch all you want. He worries that he doesn’t inspire them and that they don’t see him as a warrior. This page was last edited on 5 June 2020, at 22:18. Print. At an unrecorded date Wulfhere married Eormenhild (alias Ermenilda, etc. Alfred grants Leofric’s request. Diana E. Greenway, "Henry of Huntingdon", in Lapidge et al.. Not listed in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, but held equivalent or greater power. And then God and the king will forgive them. Family [49] Another Mercian connection to Kent was through Merewalh, the king of the Magonsæte, and hence a subking under Wulfhere. Wulfhere (auch Uulfhere, Uulfherus, Vulfhere, Wlfarius, Wlfharius, Wulfere, Uulfharius; † 675) war in den Jahren 658 bis zu seinem Tod König des angelsächsischen Königreiches Mercia. Should his father die, Odda will become one of the richest man in Wessex. Iseult watches from the crowd. Beocca then asks about Edward, and Alfred rushes to go find him. The Hwicce had their own royal family, but it appears that at this date they were already subordinate to Wulfhere: the marriage between Æthelwealh and Eafe may well have taken place at Wulfhere's court, since it is known Æthelwealh was converted there. [66] Æthelred, Wulfhere's brother, succeeded to the throne and reigned for nearly thirty years. [2] Little is known about the origins of the kingdom of Mercia, in what is now the English Midlands, but according to genealogies preserved in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the Anglian collection the early kings were descended from Icel; the dynasty is therefore known as the Iclingas. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at Last.fm. He was an ealdorman who formerly served Alfred. A decade after Wulfhere's death, the West Saxons under Cædwalla began an aggressive expansion to the east, reversing much of the Mercian advance. In "The Pale Horseman", Wulfhere later betrayed Alfred during the Witenagemot, leaving early to free the Danish hostages in his charge (including Ragnar) and pledge loyalty to Guthrum before Guthrum's Danes attacked Cippanhamm. "Episode 1.8" Young Odda tells Uhtred that he’s charged with taking a troop of the king’s men into Cornwalum and making war against the Britons. Robert Cowie, "Mercian London" in Brown and Farr. But Alfred is feeling merciful. [19], Surrey is not recorded as ever having been an independent kingdom, but was at least a province that was under the control of different neighbours at different times. He also donated his share of the plunder to the church and begged for forgiveness. The series may have been inspired by the success of Game of Thrones, like so many others, but The Last Kingdom differs from them in one key respect: it's very, very good. Die Handlung aus Staffel 1 erstreckt sich zwischen den Jahren von 866 bis 878. [36] Records survive of the baptism of other kings at this time—Cynegils of Wessex was baptised in about 640,[37] for example, and Edwin of Northumbria was converted in the mid 620s. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Leofric was a main character in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. [40] Bede records that two years before Penda's death, his son Peada converted to Christianity, influenced partly by Oswiu's son Ealhfrith, who had married Peada's sister Cyneburh. He brings Æthelwold to the courtyard, where Uhtred awaits. Die kleine Auszeit versüßt uns zum Glück das Team der TV-Serie. ("Episode 1.5"), Uhtred, Odda, Young Odda, Leofric, and Wulfhere discuss their next course of action. Odda decides to go against his son’s plans and decides to attack. Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode The Last Kingdom 1x06: «Episode 6» Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) und Leofric (Adrian Bower) führen einen Überfall in Cornwall an. TV-Serie. Staffel “The Last Kingdom” liegt noch nicht allzu lange zurück, trotzdem sehnen sich die Fans schon jetzt nach dem Start der 4. Ricevi GRATIS ogni sera la guida tv su Messenger! Sean Gilder

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