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The Netherlands  YouTube, Apply   Physics and Astronomy: Science for Energy and Sustainability (track). Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. School of Business and Economics In this 2-year Master's programme you acquire in-depth insight in the functioning of environmental processes affecting our planet. Study Entertainment Communication in Amsterdam (Netherlands, Europe). Faculty of Law The Media Studies Master’s New Media and Digital Culture builds on the pioneering new media scene, and enables you to contribute to the discourse surrounding critical media theory. In the Master's in American Studies you study the political, cultural, economic and military history of the United States with an eye on America in the world today. You will learn about the psychology of people who come into contact with the law, and will receive the specialised skills training you need to work in this diverse, complex and challenging field. A prior registration by mail is necessary: Comparative Cultural Analysis (Arts and Culture). Study Social Sciences at th University of Amsterdam, Europe. Hybrid MBA is online, small-scale, network-oriented with personal one-to-one career guidance. Research Master's in Linguistics and Communication brings together linguistic theory and data from experimental and corpus studies, and has a strong emphasis on methodology. Executive Programme in Management Studies, Earn your MSc in Business Administration, Management Studies in 18 months Part-time study in Strategy, Leadership & Management, Digital Business. European Union Law (International and European Law). Biological Sciences: Ecology and Evolution (track). You'll build the legal foundation and practical and technical skills to advance your career as a legal practitioner, European patent agent or manager in a knowledge-intensive industry. What happens to our brain when we age? Study Human Resource and Career Management (UvA Master in Psychology) at the University of Amsterdam (Europe) and learn more about personnel psychology. European Studies on Society, Science and Technology will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding and managing the complex issues of modern innovation. International Criminal Law - Joint Program with Columbia Law School (International Criminal Law). Studying Biomedical Sciences at the University of Amsterdam Economists are the strategic decision makers of the future. A high­light of the Master Degree is the inte­grated inter­na­tional intern­ship. We invite you to explore the profile of each specialisation and the practical details of how to apply! Psychology: Human Resource & Career Management (track). Study the language, literature and culture of the French-speaking world through one of four Master's degree programmes. ???cookiebar.consent-level.3.text.accessibility??? Study Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. European Competition Law and Regulation (International and European Law). Master's programmes. Stu­dents of the Double Master Degree in Inter­na­tional Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion at WFI and tbs in France earn two degrees at two well-known uni­ver­si­ties. Instagram For any more information please contact Karin Stenke at ... sed of 120 ECTS, this leads to the research oriented uni-versity degree, the Master of Science (M.Sc.). The programme is offered in cooperation between the School of Business and Economics and the United Nations University-Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT). Want to study Development Economics? Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (joint degree UvA/VU). The University of Mannheim offers first-rate bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs.Numerous university rankings confirm the high quality of the programs available, with Business Administration, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, the Romance languages, History, English and American Studies, German … Psychology: Coaching & Vitality in Organisations (track). Find out more on our website. B. Betriebswirtschaftslehre (Public and Non-Profit Management) Master of Science (M.Sc.) Strong network orientation. Earn your MSc at an internationally highly ranked university. The master’s programme in Public Policy and Human Development emphasises the connection between public policy and decision-making processes, or in other words, the effectiveness and efficiency of governance. The Master Urban and Regional Planning is focused on planning, mobility, urban development & real estate. The Research Master Social Sciences offers you advanced training in research in a rigorous and multidisciplinary research environment. Prepare for an international career in finance. Learn about the challenges multinationals face when doing business abroad. The Research Master's in Philosophy offers a research-driven study of a wide range of philosophical topics and perspectives, and a strong international focus. The master’s in Econometrics and Operations Research focuses on using quantitive data to aid economic and management decision making. You will also gain experience in conducting debates and will discover what your vision and role are in contemporary controversies in the field of art and culture. Multidisciplinary and international environment. Economics: Monetary Policy and Banking (track). After you graduate, you’ll be able to place various legal systems and principles in the context of European integration and globalisation. Are you looking for a master's degree at a world-class university where high-quality education, the best lecturers and leading researchers are all part of the package? The master’s in Globalisation and Law is a broad programme with a large number of elective courses. Leadership & Management: learn how to bring people to organisational success, Business Administration (MSc): Management of International Business and Trade (track), Business Administration (MSc): Strategy (track). 302, Marketing Centrum Münster Am Stadtgraben 13-15 Tel: +49 (0)251 83-28677 European Politics and External Relations (Political Science). BWL Master Uni Bamberg has 1,832 members. Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. filter, Apply   Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image (Media Studies). Public Policy and Governance (Political Science). … Business Economics: Competition Law and Economics (track). The Master Economic Geography focuses on global production networks and clusters. The prerequisite for enrolment in a Master of Education programme is a subject-relevant bachelor's degree from a German university. It will give you all the training you need to work as a legal or financial tax specialist in an international setting. Learn about the financial and mathematical analysis of complex risk management and insurance issues. Business in Society (joint Research Master's programme). The Master Comparative Politics studies ........ Study Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. Philosophy of the Humanities and the Social Sciences (Philosophy). Do you want to know how exercise and nutrition influences health and disease? Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam. And can you see yourself using data and new technologies to create smart service innovations? Study Political Communication in Amsterdam (Netherlands, Europe). Learn from top-level academic research and real-life business interaction. The Master's in Holocaust and Genocide Studies explores 20th-century genocides from the vantage point of different disciplines. Business Administration (MSc): Consumer Marketing (track). Master-Zulassung & International Admissions Please note: It is currently not possible to reply to Microsoft emails … This wide range of subjects enables an interdisciplinary exchange on the … Management and Technology (TUM-BWL) Master of Science (M.Sc.) Study Persuasive Communication in Amsterdam (Netherlands, Europe). Learn how to operate in an international environment. Comparative Literature (Literary Studies). In this challenging master's programme, you’ll learn how you can explain, predict and –if necessary- change how people think and what they do. Artificial intelligence is the field of research that focuses on development and understanding of intelligent computational processes. This Master's track focuses on marketing and health communication. Earth Sciences: Environmental Management at the UvA combines an education in geo-ecological science with interdisciplinary skills. Start your career at Amsterdam Business School. It offers top-rated education by excellent teachers who are also internationally recognised research experts in the topics they teach. Chemistry: Science for Energy and Sustainability (track). Health & Life Sciences Physics and Astronomy (joint degree UvA/VU). As a Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management student, you will learn how to critically analyse health systems, and you’ll learn how to initiate, develop, manage and evaluate healthcare innovations. Start your career at Amsterdam Business School. Look at the programme for European Competition Law and Regulation of the Master's International and European Law at the Amsterdam Law School. Study Consultancy and Organisational Development (UvA Master in Psychology) at the University of Amsterdam and learn more about organisational psychology. Psychology: Brain & Cognition in Society (track). Unravel the theoretical origins of strategic corporate decisions. Executive MSc in International Finance (MIF). International Relations (Political Science). UM postal address Study the language, literature and culture of the German-speaking world through one of our four Master's degree programmes. The Master European Politics and External Relations studies EU’s external, international and foreign relations. You’ll learn to use mathematics to analyse and optimise processes, problems and operations. Choose from 3 top-level tracks: Managerial Economics & Strategy, Competition Law & Economics or Neuroeconomics. The Research Master Business in Society is the best preparation for a PhD in Business Administration and Management. You will be equipped with a variety of skills, tools and knowledge which will qualify you to work as a policy designer or policy analyst within public and private institutions at local, national and international levels. BWL Master ab SS 14 Uni Bamberg In the two-year track Analytical Sciences of the Master’s programme Chemistry from the UvA you will focus purely on aspects of analytical chemistry. It challenges excellent students to become experts with regard to the literature and linguistics of classical languages or in the cultures and religions of Ancient Greece, Rome or the Near East. You’ll learn how to develop and evaluate health education and promotion initiatives and you’ll develop communication strategies to disseminate these programmes to various audiences. Admission requirements are a degree in business administration or In the Master’s Identity and Integration, you will study contemporary challenges in Europe and the EU from the perspectives of history, arts and culture, media and politics. The Master's programme in Biomedical Sciences is closely affiliated with the University of Amsterdam Academic Medical Center (AMC-UvA) and the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS). The two-year track Advanced Matter and Energy Physics in the Master’s programme Physics and Astronomy at the UvA, a joint degree with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, is among the best experimental physics programmes in the world. The Master's programme trains students in the full depth and breadth of these fields, in both theory and application. The UvA website uses cookies and similar technologies to ensure the basic functionality of the site and for statistical and optimisation purposes. Gain a deep understanding of financial decision-making and markets. Economics: Behavioural Economics and Game Theory (track). Box 616 Study Social Science at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. Heritage, Memory and Archaeology (Archaeology). Psychology: Consultancy & Organisational Development (track). You’ll learn to develop cutting-edge interventions and strategies to ensure that people stay healthy throughout their career. Communication Science: Research Master's (Professional). Business Administration (MSc): Entrepreneurship and Management in the Creative Industries (track). Curating Art and Cultures is a unique, two-year Dual Master's programme designed to train the curators and (museum) researchers of the future. Computational Science (joint degree UvA/VU). Double Degree available for this programme! This Masters is aimed at students wishing to obtain a comprehensive and sound education in finance. You will develop an understanding of why forensics increasingly play a decisive role in solving crimes and in getting the criminals convicted. The Master Urban Geography focuses on global and local perspectives on cities. This enables students to develop an integrated view of the functioning of plants. The Labour and Business specialisation teaches you the various legal implications of running a business and covers topics like mergers and acquisitions, employment conditions and social insurance. Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance: Actuarial Science (track), Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance: Quantitative Risk Management (track). This master’s programme is also offered in Dutch. To watch Youtube videos you need to enable this category. Please bring your ID card and your student ID card. Then Human Movement Sciences could be just the programme for you. The programme will provide you with an in-depth overview of European law and how it interacts with national law. For many managing positions of different industries and for certain professions in research and teaching, a master is indispensable. Do you look at a mountain of data and see an ocean of opportunity? Biological Sciences: Medical Biology tracks at the UvA is a challenging Master's programme where you acquire thorough knowledge of the cellular, molecular and biochemical basis of medical pathologies. The UvA's Data Science track in the Information Studies Master's Programme makes it possible to become a skillful expert in this field. The Dual Master's Heritage and Memory Studies offers an interdisciplinary programme in which you study heritage from cultural, historic and spatial perspectives. The Master Public Policy and Governance focuses on policy-making and governance practices around social problems. The Master International Relations studies global politics and key questions about war, peace, justice, efficiency and identity. Depending on your interests, you can either specialise in Adult Psychopathology or Child and Adolescent Psychopathology. Start your career at Amsterdam Business School. The MA European Policy offers a unique combination of humanities and social sciences approaches to understanding and analysing the ways in which the European Union is governed and how EU policy is addressing the challenges contemporary Europe is facing. Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. Business Administration (MSc): Leadership and Management (track), Start your career at Amsterdam Business School. Hebrew and Jewish Studies (Middle Eastern Studies). Physics and Astronomy: Gravitation, Astro-, and Particle Physics (track). Those questions don’t respect borders: European borders are fading and businesses and people can move freely. Mathematics at the UvA is a vibrant and versatile field, in which the dividing line between theory and practice is often merely an illusion. You’ll be familiarised with the analytical tools, innovative research methods and change management instruments needed for policymaking and development at all levels of government. For students with an interest in big data and human behaviour. Neurobiology is a relative young field of study on the cutting edge of multiple disciplines such as biology, psychology, philosophy and computer science. You will investigate the ongoing transformations in media studies and develop the skills to participate in these innovations. Data Science & Knowledge Engineering You will develop a strong feel for scientific research and high levels of abstraction, and learn to combine the rapid developments in these fields. Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance. filter, Apply   filter, Apply   You’ll learn to use techniques from statistics, mathematics and computer science to solve complex problems for governments, financial institutions, logistics companies and other organisations. Which working conditions help prevent mental fatigue? At the University of Mannheim, you can choose from the following options: Students who have successfully completed their master’s degree qualify for a doctoral program at one of the chairs of Business … Then the master's in Health Education and Promotion may be what you are looking for. The Master's programme in Forensic Science distinguishes itself from most international Master's programmes in that it builds on a range of general science backgrounds, not on a specific forensic science Bachelor's programme. Fac. Distinguishing aspects of the programme are its small-scale, group-based education, allowing for close interaction with both the teaching staff and other highly motivated students, and its attractive mix of theoretical and practical training. You will also take skills trainings that focus on topics like scientific writing and giving presentations. The master’s programme in Dutch Law is a very broad programme with numerous electives. The programme will provide you with the knowledge you'll need to give strategic tax advice and make sound tax decisions. Spirituality and Religion (Theology and Religious Studies). This programme is offered as a double degree in collaboration with United Nations University. The LLM programme in trade and investment law at the Amsterdam Law School focuses on WTO rules and related issues, earning you a degree in International and European Law. And how do you stimulate innovation? Multidisciplinary and international environment. filter, Apply   Want to study Neuroeconomics? In this Master’s programme you will study the changing role of religion and spirituality in contemporary societies and their historical roots. +31 43 388 2222, Follow us on Social Media The master’s programme in Globalisation & Development Studies focuses on how globalisation dynamics affect developing areas. The pre-master's programme for Global Supply Chain Management and Change is a transfer programme for students of Universities of Applied Sciences who wish to obtain a university master's degree in Global Supply Chain Management and Change. Heritage and Memory Studies (Heritage Studies). This will prepare you to work for universities, NGOs or governmental organisations. English The pre-master's programme for International Business is a transfer programme for students of Universities of Applied Sciences who wish to obtain a university master's degree in International Business. Want to study Accountancy? After the master’s you will be a medical doctor (MD) and you'll be ble to specialise in, for example, in surgery or paediatrics. Arts & Culture Bildungswissenschaft - Lehren und Lernen As a future employee or entrepreneur. Choose from 7 tracks and specialise in your field of interest. Then this may be your track within the MSc Finance. Information Studies: Information Systems (track), International and Transnational Criminal Law (International Criminal Law). 6211 LK Maastricht The Master’s degree course in Business Administration is a follow-on to a Bachelor’s degree course. The programme approaches these problems from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, such as political studies, cultural studies, innovation studies and social studies. The Research Master's Heritage, Memory and Archaeology explores the ways in which we deal with remnants of the past, and how we construct history in the present. Choose this track in our Master's in Economics programme. filter, Apply   The research master Child Development and Education at the University of Amsterdam trains you to become a researcher in the fields of Pedagogical sciences or Educational sciences. The M.Sc. For students interested in applied psychological experiments. In these specialisations, you’ll follow both compulsory courses and elective courses, which allow you to specialise in a certain area. Business & Economics filter, Apply   Sustaining natural biodiversity and protecting the environment is impossible without extensive knowledge of ecology and evolution. Biomedical Sciences is the perfect programme if you have an interest in the causes, treatment and prevention of diseases. ???cookiebar.consent-level.1.text.accessibility??? Master of Education. Physics and Astronomy: Astronomy and Astrophysics (track). The Master's programme in Classics and Ancient Civilizations has two specialisations with distinctive profiles: Classics, and Ancient Studies. In two years, you will train your analytical and methodological skills to pursue a career in research at a university, a knowledge institute, governmental agencies or a firm. filter, Apply   The master’s in Financial Economics brings together expertise in finance, general economics and quantitative techniques in a multidisciplinary approach not found elsewhere. The Master’s in Literature, Culture and Society draws on literature, cultural studies and history to explore European literature in its intercultural context. Want to study Public Policy? It also uses cookies to display content such as YouTube videos and for marketing purposes. In the Work, Health and Career programme, you’ll study what you can do to combat health complaints and promote wellbeing in the workplace. The Master Human Geography studies the intertwined spatial developments of urbanisation and globalisation processes. It can be subdivided into statistics, probability theory and stochastic operations research. It was the perfect opportunity to put my theoretical knowledge into practice, develop my own ideas and discuss possible solutions … Want to study Monetary Policy & Banking? How do children learn to speak? Help organisations improve their marketing through better consumer insight. Psychology: Development and Health Psychology (track). Study the language, literature and culture of the English-speaking world through one of our six Master's degree programmes. Earth Sciences: Geo-ecological Dynamics (track). filter, Apply   , Master student, Management & Technology, talking about her experience in the project studies module My project gave me detailed insights into the logistics operations at a leading brewery. Earth Sciences: Environmental Management (track). In this programme, you will develop an understanding of the specific opportunities and challenges related to emerging economies. Do you want to know how criminals are tracked down? You consent to this by clicking on Accept. Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage. University of Würzburg Chair of Corporate Finance Room 305c Sanderring 2 D - 97070 Würzburg. For excellent and motivated students. In the two-year track Biophysics and Biophotonics in the Master’s programme Physics and Astronomy at the UvA, a joint degree with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, students will use the language of physics to explore the secrets of life processes. Communication Science: Persuasive Communication. Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. In the Master’s in East European Studies you explore the politics and culture of the region - incl. The master’s programme in Law and Labour has two specialisations. The Master's programme Physics and Astronomy at the UvA focuses both on fundamental research and its applications. A two-year professional research Master's focused on resolving communication challenges in practice. The Research Master's programme Literary Studies offers a theoretically and historically informed survey of the diversity and diachronic complexity of literature. Replay the Online Master's Open day. The pre-master's programme for Learning and Development in Organisations programme is a transfer programme for students of Universities of Applied Sciences who wish to obtain a university master's degree in Learning and Development in Organisations. At the European Law School, you’ll study traditional legal subjects such as family law, competition law and criminal law from a European perspective. The University of Göttingen Faculty of Business and Economics offers a double degree programme with the Nanjing University Business School (NJUBS) in China. It is usually designed for four semesters, but may also comprise two or three semesters, and usually ends with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) A Master’s programme at the Amsterdam Law School on European civil and commercial law in context. Want to work with a bank or a consultancy firm? In the two-year track Future Planet Ecosystem Science of the Master’s programme Earth Sciences at UvA students will learn quantitative methods and gain an in-depth understanding of concepts of geo-ecological systems. Biomedical Sciences: Medical Biology tracks. The specific topic of your Master thesis is handed out by your supervisor. filter, Apply   Download a personalized brochure. 3 years Come study this track within our Master's in Economics programme. Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. Faculty of Science and Engineering The course highlights the largely complementary nature of theoretical analysis tools and their application in business. list of Master's programmes on our Dutch site. Study Cultural Psychology (UvA Master) at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. Do you have a keen interest in issues surrounding physical activity, ageing, health, nutrition and sports? This programme educates you as a professional economist, giving you a broad and thorough grounding in economics as well as the practical tools to advise companies and governments on economic issues. The two-year track Gravitation, Astro-, and Particle Physics (GRAPPA) in the Master’s programme Physics and Astronomy stands at at the intersection of theoretical physics, experimental (astro)particle physics and astrophysics. Communication Science: Entertainment Communication. The programme also cooperates with various institutes both within and outside the UvA, including the Dutch Cancer Institute. The pro­gram offers a high level of flex­i­bility. Behavioural Sciences Quick facts Length of study and program start: 4 semesters (full-time), fall semester (September); potentially also in spring semester in case of unclaimed spots Academic calendar: find the dates for the fall/ winter semester 2020 here Language of Instruction: German, some courses are taught in English Application: Between May 15 and July 15 via bewerbung.uni … Study Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. Explore the most advanced theories of current innovators and entrepreneurs. or Master … You are trained to tackle environmental problems while working in teams with other specialists.

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