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However, it was ultimately Ragnar who saved him, telling Guthrum that he would have to kill him as well if he wanted to harm Uhtred, warning that his men would not fight for him. She said that she wanted to be Uhtred's queen, but their conversation was interrupted by Bloodhair. As Aethelflaed received the homage of her ealdormen, Edward had his soldiers take over Aylesbury. Uhtred then stole a horse and chased down Aethelflaed, who fell from his horse, broke his arm, and tumbled off the road after his head hit a branch. Soon, Uhtred and Aethelflaed's men were joined by Aethelred and Edward's Mercian and West Saxon armies, respectively, and Uhtred saved Young Uhtred from being killed. They set the Great Hall on fire, killing Ragnar and several other people; only Thyra survived. Alfred said that Uhtred was a Northumbrian, not a West Saxon, but Uhtred said that he was an Englishman, recalling Alfred's earlier dream of a single England. At a meeting between the Viking leaders and Aelfric, the priest Beocca reunited with Uhtred; he quietly warned the boy that his uncle Aelfric wanted to kill him and become the new Ealdorman. Brida then told him that the guards at the gates were drunk, allowing for the four Saxons to escape. ⚔️⚔️⚔️ #TheLastKingdom #TLK…” Uhtred angrily rebuked Asser, calling him a liar, and asking for Iseult to testify; however, Odda said that she was a pagan, and that her word was invalid. Pyrlig supported the idea, as it would provide Edward with a northern foothold and would hold the invading Scots back. When Uhtred returned to Winchester days later, he found Hild with a baby, and Hild sadly informed him that his wife had died in childbirth. Beocca gave Uhtred the documentation to prove that he was the rightful ealdorman of Bebbanburg, and he told Uhtred that he would try to ransom him; Uhtred lied and said that the Danes had been beating him and that he wanted to go home. Uhtred snuck into the Danish camp at night, and he waited until Ubbe and a few of his men were distracted and taken to their tents by prostitutes. With Kjartan and Sven dead (killed by Thyra's hounds), Uhtred left Ragnar in control of Dunholm, as it was on their father's old lands; Ragnar and Brida stayed at the fortress, and Uhtred, a traumatized Thyra (who was being consoled by Beocca), and the rest of the entourage returned to Wessex to tell Alfred of their success. Uhtred arrived in Winchester with Iseult to attend the Witenagemot, and King Alfred had the Witan interrupt a priest's proposal to have a royal bridge-building official to move on to the more important case - Cornwall. The guards aimed their spears at Uhtred, and Alfred confronted Uhtred, rebuking him for disturbing his peaceful prayers, and ordering him to wait outside before he passed judgment on him. Uhtred warned Aethelwold not to sleep at night, because he might not wake up. Uhtred went on to accompany his adoptive father on his campaigns against the remaining Saxon kingdoms, and he volunteered to spy on the Saxons during the Siege of Nottingham in 868. Uhtred spoke with Father Beocca, and Uhtred said that Alfred needed to go to Odda the Younger's estate, as Odda commanded the largest fyrd. He then brought up a witness, Brother Asser, who falsely claimed that Uhtred had accompanied Skorpa to Cynwit to sack a new church, kill 15 monks, and steal the golden altar. Sigefrid then demanded 10,000 pounds' weight of silver and 1,000 pounds' weight of gold, but Uhtred insulted this as exceedingly irrational. The next day, Thyra and Beocca arrived at Dunholm, and Ragnar had a happy reunion with Thyra. Upon returning to Winchester, Uhtred presided over the wedding of Father Beocca and Thyra, having previously advised Beocca to pursue his love for her and propose to her. Uhtred complimented Edward for his bravery, and Alfred shared that Uhtred had earned Edward's favor. Skade predicted that it was Bloodhair, and that she would refuse him. When the Danes attempted to douse the fires, they only spread, and the Danish camp was thrown into confusion. Uhtred then decided to go drinking and whoring, leaving Mildrith behind. However, Beocca promised to join Uhtred once the hard work was done, and Uhtred said that a large feast would be held in his honor. However, before leaving, he was informed by Pyrlig that Young Uhtred had decided to go back to Wessex and pursue God's calling once again, and he assured Uhtred that he was a fine young man. Uhtred, enraged, killed several of the Danes before Finan ordered a retreat. The West Saxons then entered into York, having forced the brothers to evacuate the north. Eadith meeting Uhtred on the road to Chester. She then said that he had to undo the past by destroying Alfred. Hastein and Bloodhair were greeted by Ragnar, Brida, and Uhtred, as they came to have a peaceful discussion. 24.08.2017 - Erkunde the lonely wolfs Pinnwand „The Last Kingdom“ auf Pinterest. Brida surprised Ragnar by strangling Storri to death, saying that his curse on her had caused her to be barren, and had caused Ragnar's death. Shortly after, Sigefrid and his army returned from the Tweed River, blocking the road to the city; Uhtred, Guthred, and Halig spotted the small force, a third of Guthred's army. Shortly after, Uhtred visited Aethelflaed in her cell and told her that she was soon to be released. Uhtred presented himself to Sihtric and Hastein in front of the gates and offered himself if Sihtric would release both sons, saying that, otherwise, Uhtred would have a chance of killing Sihtric. The next day, Thyra came to Beocca's house crying, and she told him that the Saxon man Tidman had insulted her by calling her a "Dane whore". Uhtred, Halig, and Finan fled to the beach, where they found a boat; however, a group of Danish soldiers with hunting dogs pursued them, and, when Finan was wounded in the leg by an arrow, Uhtred refused to abandon his friend. Uhtred was made the slave of Ragnar's blind father Ravn, who used Uhtred as his "eyes", and his new masters took a liking to him. Uhtred then told his retainers to prepare for battle, and he visited his pregnant wife, promising that he would return in time to see his wife give birth to their son, which she said would be their last child. Edward visited Uhtred, appalled by what Aethelhelm had done to Uhtred, and he decided to free Uhtred after realizing that Uhtred loved his sister, that he was living in his father's shadow, and that he had to unify the kingdoms himself rather than turning to a little girl to do so for him. After Ragnar massacred the monks, Uhtred confronted a badly wounded Weland and hacked him to death, eventually severing his head. When he later attempts to take back the land that is rightfully his, he must choose between the family he has known and the bloodline from which he was stolen Ultimately, he was forced to have his men arrest and interrogate Uhtred, and Cenric severely beat him in an attempt to discover Aelfwynn's location. While Uhtred spoke with Aethelflaed, he noticed armed men approaching, and they hid, intending to fight. After this, Uhtred told Aethelflaed that he would be leaving, as he could not bear to see her all the time and not be allowed to love her ever again. Uhtred met Eirik aboard the ship and discovered that Erik, too, wanted to speak to Bjorn, and wanted passage through to Mercia. He promised Uhtred and his men status and wealth, and also promised him the troops he needed to retake Bebbanburg. After bidding his wife farewell, Uhtred and his men then departed Coccham on horseback, and he was guided to Alton by a refugee, planning to meet with Skade. Uhtred became the ruler of Cookham, where he, his wife, and his children settled into an estate. Lagertha Uhtred Von Bebbanburg Frau Alles [DIÁRIO DE LEITURA] O Último Reino #4 Uhtred, ainda criança, reencontra o padre Beocca (acima) e conhece o herdeiro do trono de Wessex, Alfred (abaixo), o que difere do seriado, quando tal se concentra na fase adulta do saxão. Guthred offered the brothers the earldom of Dunholm if they helped him seize the city from Kjartan, and they agreed to join Guthred, although they rejected Uhtred's advice on storming the city rather than besieging it. The Last Kingdom season five is in the making and the protagonist Uhtred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon) will be in his mid-50s by the … Uhtred fought with a shield and sword against the axe-wielding Ubba, who nearly killed Uhtred. Fearing that the animals might have caught the illness, the party proceeded to the town of Wenloca on foot. Uhtred later returned to Ragnar's grave, where he recovered his Mjolnir necklace from the grave and wore it, having fulfilled his promise to Ragnar. Edward decided that Aethelflaed's daughter Aelfwynn should be betrothed to the successor to seal the bond between Wessex and Mercia, and that, in return for the strength that their heir would bring to the successor's claim, they would give their loyalty to Wessex. They then rowed to a sanctuary at Athelney, where Alfred's family and other survivors had built homes. Uhtred has a penchant for defiant women who have "a spirit like an eagle", a characteristic he has attributed to many a woman. Uhtred then accompanied Alfred to the peace talks with Ubbe and Guthrum at Wilton, where Ubbe caused a scene by demanding Uhtred's head and nearly starting a brawl. Uhtred (auch Uchtred, Utred; 1016) war unter König Æthelred II. However, Finan calmed Young Uhtred when he planned to return to the Church, telling him that Uhtred was merely upset that he had failed to save Young Uhtred during the attack, and then swore to Young Uhtred that his father was a good man who had sacrificed his own personal comfort for the Christian kingdoms, for Bebbanburg, and for his son. He also met Oswald, the estate's steward, and he grew suspicious of his portly physique despite the town's poverty. Uhtred and Brida then rode to Bebbanburg, where Uhtred threw down Weland's head and Weland's payment at the foot of the city gates in full view of Aelfric and his bowmen, swearing vengeance against his uncle. Uhtred later spoke with Ragnar, who dreamt of taking the land along the River Thames, which his grandfather Ravn had seen as Valhalla on earth. The next day, Alfred and his retinue met Skorpa and his retinue on the road. However, Uhtred - while on the ground - managed to cut Ubbe's heels half-open before cutting him across the chest. He then told Uhtred that he would be spared if he resumed his debt to the Church and had Iseult returned to Cornwall, but Uhtred refused to return Iseult, saying that she would be killed if she returned. Offa confessed that he did not know that Aethelwold would ally with the Danes, and he confessed that Aethelwold had sent him to kill Alfred's sword and shield. The ransom delegation being taken to Beamfleot. Days later, Hastein and his men arrived at the monastery with Mercian soldiers as hostages, so Uhtred sent out the abbess to tell them that Aethelflaed was not there. When Fiske found the head, Uhtred rode out of the woods, masked and on horseback, and he sliced off Fiske's head as Kjartan watched. That night, Uhtred was told that he would have to be brought back to Winchester on Alfred's orders. Uhtred was caught up to by Skade, who told him that they could either be lovers or enemies. However, Young Odda said that there were several kings in Wessex, claimed that Alfred had betrayed Wessex, and ordered Leofric to execute Uhtred. He then had the boys released, as they no longer served a purpose to him, and he and the others prepared to head out to Tettenhall to fight another battle. He said that he had been waiting to capture the King, and revealed that Winchester had been captured. Guthred decided to negotiate instead, hoping to recruit the soldiers for his war with Kjartan. Brida explained that Storri had cursed her on the day when she took him hostage, Brida then told Uhtred that her love for him had passed, and that she would not hesitate to kill Uhtred on the battlefield, but they agreed to find the man who killed Ragnar. Arten Von Fotografie. Uhtred confronted Cnut about his murder of Ragnar, and Cnut said that Ragnar was weak and had to be killed. Uhtred was forced to spare Sigefrid to prevent Erik and his men from killing them, and Erik agreed to take one ship and leave Northumbria with his men. Aethelflaed decided to ride at first light, and Uhtred had Stiorra and his lieutenants stay with the children to protect them until the succession crisis was over. Brida then shared that she was unable to have children, but she metaphorically said that Ragnar was her child, saying that she would kill Uhtred if he betrayed him. Aug 13, 2020 - 61 Likes, 3 Comments - The-last-kingdom (@thelastkingdom_worldwide) on Instagram: “You : Give me some Sihtric Me : I give you lots of him. When the two shield walls met, Leofric killed the traitor Wulfhere, only to himself by mortally wounded with an axe wound to the neck. Mildrith chastised Uhtred for killing a family friend without giving recompense to his family (the wergild), and Uhtred told her that he would not keep paying the town's debts to the bishop; he then said that he was leaving for a few weeks, and told Mildrith to inform the collectors that he would not pay. Uhtred also asked for Gisela's hand in marriage to "make peace", making diplomatic jokes; however, haunted by Eadred's advice about Uhtred, Guthred took the jokes seriously. Uhtred and Aethelflaed then prepared a battle plan at their new camp that evening, and he told Aethelflaed that he no longer felt that Bebbanburg was his destiny, as he came to believe in a higher plan that led him to her. Uhtred then found Mildrith and apologized for leaving her to face their son's death alone, and for giving her a life which led to her becoming a nun. He then rejoined his men as Aethelflaed confronted her brother, but, when he came back to Aethelflaed, he discovered that she had been exiled from Wessex by her brother for her insubordination and for putting Mercia before Wessex. Uhtred snuck into the palace with Beocca, dressed as a mkn, and he mused over illustrated pages on Alfred's desk. After the battle, Uhtred reunited with Aethelflaed, but he took issue with King Edward walking amongst the fallen. After Sihtric presented Edward's sons Aelfweard and Aethelstan from the city gates and told Edward that he could choose to save one if he retreated, Uhtred decided to trade himself instead, knowing that the Danes wanted him dead, especially Brida. However, Uhtred told Ubbe that he would be the next to die, angering Ubbe and causing the negotiations to end. Alfred summarized the situation by saying that Ubbe had sent spies to Mercia to search for Uhtred's whereabouts, while Guthrum was preparing an invasion of Wessex. Uhtred then returned to the woods, where they had Storri sent back, with Brida sending him naked, tied to a horse, and with a branch in his anus. Uhtred and his party rode first to Thatcham, where they made camp. Uhtred then found Father Beocca speaking with Brother Trew, and he was warmly greeted by Beocca before being told by the two priests that they were in search of a slave named Guthred, whom Abbot Eadred Lulisc prophesied would become King of the Danes and the Saxons. Uhtred told Beocca that he had to kill Ragnar's murderer with Ragnar's (Thyra's) blood, but he did not know who the murderer was. Uhtred decided not to reply, leaving with Finan. Alfred said that Uhtred was a fool, and that he had lost his patience with him; he decided that the fight would go ahead. During their stay, Osferth discovered that Cnut and Brida had attacked Mercia, and he relayed this to Uhtred. As the Anglo-Saxon army returned to Winchester, Uhtred decided to head to Coccham with his retinue, as he could not stand the whispering court. The next morning, Alfred announced that Brother Asser, Hild, and Halig would serve as messengers to rally troops to Alfred's cause, asking them to assemble at Egbert's Stone. Uhtred debated with Aethelhelm and criticized the West Saxons' defensive approach, but, when he told Edward that his father Alfred knew when the time was right to strike, Edward said that his father also knew the time "to say no to Uhtred Ragnarsson". He then taunted Uhtred about Aethelflaed, and, when he asked how she was to bed (and said that she probably squealed like a fat pig), Uhtred got into a fight with him, standing on his neck. Edward said that his father had trusted and respected Uhtred the most, and that he found his father's letter to be true, meaning that Alfred's pardon stood. Beocca told no man to move and endanger the King, and Alfred warned Uthred that his act meant death for him. Uhtred reunited with his wife and child before heading to Winchester to meet with King Alfred. Uhtred attempted to convince Ubbe of the truth about Ragnar's death, but Ubbe and Guthrum did not believe him due to his Anglo-Saxon heritage; Uhtred instead witnessed Eadmund of East Anglia's martyrdom and would have also been shot full of arrows had he not shown proof that he had Storri as a hostage. Young Uhtred decided that this was why Uhtred's men would always him, and decided that it was also why he, too, would follow his father. Edward had Uhtred unhanded and allowed to speak in front of the people of Wessex, including Aethelwold and Beocca. Aethelwold then pleaded for God to decide the victor, and the audience clamored in favor. However, Aethelhelm politely protested, asking if it was wise to send 200 men to the frozen north to settle a family feud while the Danes threatened the south, and he said that there was no debt on either side, as Uhtred was only bound to Edward until he took the throne. Beocca grew angry and frustrated when Uhtred insulted Alfred, and Beocca left, having failed to convince Uhtred. His father was a powerful nobleman who ruled the lands south of the Tweed and north of the Tyne, and he played the role of kingmaker in the struggles between King Osberht and Aella. He then took Ealhswith and Stiorra as captives, saying that they were now even for the capture of Cnut's boys. Skade then told Uhtred to break his oath to Alfred and have a new beginning, but Uhtred told her that, if she spoke another word of Uhtred's life, he would kill her, blaming his misfortunes on her. Uhtred ultimately decided that there would be no killing of anyone, and he decided to agree to the King's terms. Edward hearing Uhtred's explanation in public. Uhtred personally returned to Winchester to warn the King, and, when Odda criticized him for not engaging, he said that he had only 20 men under his command, and it would have been a slaughter. The next day, his men returned and reported that Bebbanburg had been weakened by a Scottish invasion, and that Aelfric had lost half of his men and had barely 40 men. Uhtred became a drunkard to forget about Iseult's death, leading to Hild criticizing him, and Halig suggesting that they return to Winchester. Uhtred and his men then charged into battle, and the Welsh charged the Viking flanks from the woods. Uhtred was incensed that Alfred wanted him to swear an oath to his son Edward, too, as Uhtred did not want to owe his entirely life to the King of Wessex. Beocca then took Uhtred to meet Alfred, believing that the experience would be good for him, and Alfred asked Uhtred if he had been a good boy. Uhtred and Finan advised Edward to fight the Danes at Bedanford, and Edward agreed to - with Uhtred's help - find the words to rally the thegns and ealdormen to fight. Beocca told him not to interrupt prayers, and not to bring his sword, but Uhtred barged into the Great Hall and again made a scene, asking Alfred if anyone had told him that he was at Cynwit. 20.01.2016 - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Alexander Dreymon“ von Pamela Ramos. Alfred refused to let his daughter be whored to the highest bidder, and he was ready to let thousands of men die by paying the ransom. While en route to Egbert's Stone, the party found two men employed by Young Odda bringing horses to sell to the Danes, and they discovered that Odda had made a separate peace with the Danes. Sigefrid and Erik reveal that Uhtred is still alive, which angers Ælfric, as the agreed upon price for 200 men was Uhtred’s head. At the last minute, Edward decided to make a kingly decision by leading a cavalry charge, assisting in the slaughter of Hastein's army. Edward said that Uhtred was in no position to bargain, and threatened to have him seized if he would not cooperate. He then ordered Finan to find him a cart and haul him to Brida at Dunholm. She then rushed to cut down Sihtric, who killed the other Viking; she then helped to cut the others down. Uhtred then reunited with Father Pyrlig, Steapa, and King Edward the Elder, and, when Edward asked him if he had heard that Cnut was preparing to campaign in Ireland, Uhtred warned Edward that Cnut had sent for his sons to come to England, meaning that he had ambitions there. However, Ealdorman Ludeca pointed out that King Offa of Mercia's widow had ruled Mercia well during her reign, and Aethelflaed swore a promise to remain chaste while she was Lady of the Mercians, preventing anyone from influencing her. Uhtred refused to beg for mercy, instead saying that he would never kneel before a king or the Christian God, and he was restrained by armed men, while Alfred ordered that he was to be executed. In "the Burning Land" he was found lying with a slave girl in Dunholm by Father Pyrlig, one of many instances of indiscriminate womanizing. Hastein's men charged out of the fortress and at Uhtred's men, who formed a circular shield wall; however, Alfred had his men hold their positions in the woods, hoping that his enemies would kill each other. Uhtred then asked Aidan who he was loyal to, and Aidan said to the true heir of Bebbanburg; however, he then pointed up at Wihtgar, who was aiming a crossbow at Uhtred and threatened to kill him. The priests then related how they had come across supernatural horsemen earlier that day, and, just then, a masked Uhtred and the lepers charged into the camp on horseback, intimidating the Vikings. Pyrlig announced that Uhtred would have to be baptized before the ealdormen to prove that he was a Christian, and he was baptized a third time. Aethelwold then persuaded Uhtred to come with him to meet Eirik the Skald, saying that he and Uhtred were both ealdormen who should be kings, and that Aethelred of Mercia should not be king. The site was originally the location of a Celtic Brittonic fort known as Din Guarie and may have been the capital of the kingdom of Bernicia from its foundation in c. 420 to 547. Aug 24, 2019 - Explore Southern Charm Marketplace's board "Uhtred of bebbanburg", followed by 439 people on Pinterest. Uhtred promised Sihtric that he could convince Edward to negotiate, and he convinced both kings to withdraw their men into shield walls. Uhtred had his men capture her, but she warned him that she was really in control of Uhtred, and that Uhtred was her prisoner and was cursed. (Henry Lewis). Uhtred and his men ambushed and killed 13 of Hastein's men inside the abbey, forcing Hastein and Dagfinn to leave and wait outside. Season 4 is just 1 week away!…” Brida then arrived and saw a ray of light shining on Aethelwold's body, saying that it was a bridge for Ragnar's spirit to head to Valhalla, and Uhtred and Brida briefly embraced before she broke off, remembering that they were on opposite sides of the battle. He advised her against forming dreams of a life with Erik, but she sought to make a family with him; when Uhtred warned her that she could die in fire or by the sword, she said that she would die happily. Uhtred, Finan, Sihtric, Clapa, Aethelred, and Aldhelm entered into London with a handful of men to scout out its defenses. Aethelwold and Uhtred had an argument and deduced that Aethelflaed had called for him, and Aethelwold said that Uhtred was torn between Saxon and Dane, and that he planned to desert the Danes. They were released a day later, and Alfred apologized and asked if his apology was enough; Uhtred rudely said that it was not, and that he wanted to be recognized as an Ealdorman. He told Uhtred that Aethelflaed was hiding from her husband at the Wincelcumb nunnery, and that Aethelflaed had asked for him; he also mentioned that Aethelwold had come to Dunholm from Aethelred's court. Abteilung Radsport. Despite this, Uhtred agreed that Kjartan would fall by Ragnar's sword, and Uhtred promised to meet Ragnar's army at Leeds. Alfred then told Beocca that, since God was on his side, he wished to attack the Danes, but Beocca reminded Alfred that King Burghred of Mercia had already ordered that the Danes be starved out. Outside of the Witan, Edward demanded to know his son's location, but Uhtred refused to tell him unless he could guarantee Aethelflaed and Aelfwynn's safety. kill the sorcerer without breaking the skin and without shedding one drop of blood, and Brida told him that he would have to do the same with Skade or make her his woman. Beocca and Aethelwold then entered the house and spoke with Uhtred, demanding 100 pieces of silver and Uhtred's oath in exchange for the absence of a trial and for forgiveness. While riding south, Uhtred and his men came across Hastein and his men, and Hastein questioned why Uhtred and his "pretty boys" were so far from home. Later, the ship came ashore at a beach where Sven and his men met Sverri and his slavers, and Sven demanded to duel a weak Uhtred. Uhtred then accompanied Aethelflaed and Aldhelm to Aylesbury, where they witnessed nobles such as Ealdorman Burgred and Ealdorman Ludeca argue over who to appoint to the throne, witnessing how disordered the nomination process was. Neither Uhtred nor the rest of his men could enter the city, as they were recognized, so Eadith volunteered to sneak into the city (despite having no way out) and locate the prisoners so that they could be freed once the walls were breached. He threatened Erkenwald with death if he did not remove a large wooden cross from Uhtred's old hall, and Skade ultimately cut down the cross. Alfred ordered his guards to find and kill Uhtred, and Uhtred knocked out several guards before running off. He called for the Mercians to unite and not attack each other, something which an observing Ealhswith advised Edward was a threat to his rule. Later thta day, Brida rode alone to Uhtred and told him that Ragnar was dead, and that he died an honorless death and was buried under stones near Loidis, going to Niflheim instead of Valhalla. Ultimately, the Viking longships departed. When Aldhelm asked why he had crossed Watling Street and into the Danelaw, Uhtred revealed that he had been offered the throne of Mercia by the brothers, but that he had refused. Coincidentally, they both went on to attend Alfred's coronation, and Uhtred and Brida made love in a secluded balcony as Alfred was crowned, with Uhtred saying that he could not imagine being without her. Uhtred threw him a bag, saying that it was a pouch of silver for his travels, but he instead ran his sword through the bag and into Aethelwold's chest. Uhtred reunited with his adopted brother, who warmly greeted him, and made him say that he was a Dane for life. Uhtred refused to let Aethelflaed hand herself over, so he threatened to kill Cnut's sons if Bjorgulf did not leave. Uhtred and Aethelflaed ambushed and killed all but two of the men, and Uhtred captured their leader Offa. Uhtred, however, was intent on seeing his wife, and he naively claimed that his men would vouch for him. Ealdwulf would forge Uhtred's first sword, "Serpent-Breath", and Uhtred went on to join Ragnar's side at the Battle of Reading. Over the next thirty days, Edward's attacks continued, so Uhtred stormed into Edward's tent and demanded that he try another way to fight. He then told Brida that she should never have trusted Cnut, and she then left Uhtred. He also discovered that Aethelflaed, the children, and Edith were with Uhtred, so Edward sent Cenric and his men to track them and bring them back to Aylesbury. Before Uhtred could get into a fight with their captain Leofric, Father Beocca recognized Uhtred, and the two happily reunited. Uhtred sent Sihtric and Rypere to scout out Beamfleot's defenses, planning to rescue Aethelflaed. Ragnar then confirmed his suspicions of Uhtred's innocence and embraced his brother, and they discussed the need to kill Kjartan and avenge their father. Brida was indifferent to Uhtred, telling him not to come closer, and, when Uhtred told her to tell Ragnar (who was headed north to face Kjartan) that he was still his brother, Brida told him that she would say that he was there at Winchester and left. When they arrived at the Danish camp, Hastein greeted Uhtred and informed him that Sigefrid and Erik had moved their fleet to Beamfleot, where they expected Uhtred to join them.

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