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The song "Don't You (Forget About Me)" performed by Scottish rock band Simple Minds was released on February 20, 1985 in the United States and on April 8, 1985 in the United Kingdom as a single and reached No. *Ashley T Documentary features interviews with : Kevin Smith, Jason Reitman, Roger Ebert, Judd Nelson, Andrew McCarthy, Ally Sheedy, Kelly LeBrock, Annie Potts, Mia Sara, Alan Ruck, Gedde Watanabe, Ilan Mitchel-Smith, Howard Deutch, Jim Kerr(Simple Minds). ENTER CITY, STATE OR ZIP CODE GO. Simple Minds, Soundtrack: Easy A. They formed in Glasgow in 1977 and became the most commercially successful Scottish band of the 1980s. Those and many other questions fueled this documentary. Even if you weren't raised on the iconic director John Hughes's 80's teen movies, this documentary is still a treat. Don't You Forget About Me - Official Teaser - John Hughes Documentary My main beef with this movie was that it was a good premise and it could have been something really good, but there was no reason to care for the characters. Simple Minds is a Scottish rock band. A group of filmmakers try to find director John Hughes to try and complete a documentary about John Hughes and his films. Don’t You (Forget About Me) (engl. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Nelly and Alex are home alone. Purchase with Confidence. A great tribute to John Hughes. While a few of the interviews with Hughes past collaborators and contemporary fans are interesting, none of them are terribly insightful about the man, and they all feel like B-roll footage thrown together with no real goal in mind. Have you ever being a teenager? Directed by Daniel Kleinman. This website was created to promote the 2006 documentary, Don't You Forget About Me. Music video for Duran Duran: Come Undone. Use the HTML below. The scenes in which they appear do little to propel the story forward, and are distracting. There we were, attired in our various t shirts and hoodies, all with Batman movies and comics as the central theme. It was fun to see the stars remenicing., Made me want to go rent Breakfast Club. It combines footage from road trips spent seeking Mr. Hughes, the writer and director of 1980s teen comedies like “The Breakfast Club,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Sixteen Candles,” with interviews of stars from these films, including Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and Mia Sara. "A film from 20 years ago portrayed them more accurately then anything made for them today. This documentary isn't brilliant. The Cranberries perform in the music video "Zombie" from the album "No Need to Argue" recorded for Island Records. Medalist's double-disc 2001 set Don't You Forget About Me takes its cue from its title song and attempts to give a soundtrack for a class reunion of '80s high school students - anyone from new wave kids to those who were merely kids when new wave happened, those who were barely in their pre-teens when MTV debuted. **** Jeff P Black and white music video for his song "Boys of Summer" shows Don Henley at three points in his life: today; back when he was a young man at the beach with a girl; and as a 7-year old drummer. And by noon on Friday, Variety said, Mr. Austin Sadowski had sold worldwide rights to Alliance Films, a Montreal-based distributor. The video begins with black and white footage of British soldiers ... See full summary ». Four filmmakers on a journey from Canada to Illinois to search for John Hughes and attempt a possible interview or communication with him. Those scenes and the clips from Hughes films (out of his teen canon only) were a lot of fun and where this docu was at its strongest. The documentary could've been more complete, but I honor it for how it is. The interviews from the cast of his films is the intriguing part of the film that gets interrupted by the filmmakers of this film. Add the first question. Elsewhere, the film draws legitimate comparisons between the relatively innocent first wave of modern teen movies and their slicker, more packaged contemporary siblings... the documentary made me realise how one speech given to Edie McClurg's secretary in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" effectively set in stone the tribal characterisation adhered to in "Mean Girls", "She's the Man", "Glee", etc. Tell us where you are. This gave The Furs a huge career boost and a surprising hit. (It also raises a useful parallel between Molly Ringwald and Lindsay Lohan, the two pre-eminent redheads of two very different - and differently mediated - eras; for more than one reason, you conclude, Miss Lohan might do well to follow her predecessor in marrying a doctor and moving to France.) Knebworth House, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, UK. What originally was just to be a doc on Hughes' films and their impact was changed into a film focusing on the documentarians' quest to get an interview with the notoriously recluse director. Sade sings with her band in a lounge against a red ... See full summary ». While... See full summary », The video for the song was filmed near Slough, Berkshire, during November 1981 and has the theme of the filming and editing of a murder-mystery film, featuring the band members as ... See full summary », The music video features scenes from the film Top Gun intermingled with Berlin's singer Terri Nunn performing the song in blue coveralls walking between pieces of planes in a windy aircraft... See full summary », It features Curt Smith driving an antique Austin-Healey 3000 sports car around numerous Southern California locales, including Salton Sea and Cabazon. Aug 25, 2016 at … I belong to a group of Batman mavens who gather socially to watch films and discuss whatever comes up. With Simple Minds, Charlie Burchill, Derek Forbes, Mel Gaynor. Reserve your tickets now! Why do his films resonate with thosse that grew up with them and those that have just discovered them? Content is from the site's archived pages as well as from other relevant outside sources. Getting lost on the way to Chicago and asking locals about Hughes current whereabouts might be comical if it weren't a bunch of clueless, spoiled, rich kids who hijacked their parents credit cards to fund the project. I had to know everything about this movie. Don't You Forget About Me times Favorite Movie Button Overview; Movie Times + Tickets; Movie Reviews; Looking for movie tickets? Don't You Forget About Me, a 2009 Canadian documentary film about John Hughes Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Don't You Forget About Me . ***Patrick F It was written and composed by producer Keith Forsey and Steve Schiff, a guitarist and songwriter from the Nina Hagen band. The music video, released in 1985, was directed by Irish director Steve Barron. Audience Reviews for Don't You Forget About Me. *****Maryann O The documentary, called “Don’t You Forget About Me,” was made by Matt Austin Sadowski, a Canadian director and actor, and three filmmaking colleagues, Michael Facciolo, Kari Hollend and Lenny Panzer. **** Aaron B John Hughes rules - this is a great, GREAT documentary, ** Don A PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE. An American release date for the film was not announced. It shows how John Hughes made the greatest teen movies that have been admired by three generations of viewers. We were working on a fundraiser and used the occasion to screen this film. Armed with those and many other questions, a documentry was put into production. February 5, 2010 **** ½ Troy F February 2, 2010 *** Timothy D It's a bit of a jumble, there are absentees (Ringwald, Matthew Broderick) and you might want at least one critical voice to address these films' essential conservatism, their comforting squareness, and how easily they sat within the mainstream: Hughes did, after all, give us Chris Columbus and "Pretty In Pink" rather than "Savage" Steve Holland and "Better Off Dead". DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME cuts insightful and entertaining interviews with the honest, humorous, and tension filled road trip the neophyte filmmakers make to Chicago hoping to secure an interview with the reclusive director and closure for themselves. February 27, 2010 **** ½ Adam U The road trip footage is a complete waste of time. And watching this documentary just proved that Hughs was the perfect example of an unseen hero that overlapped with the fan base we were addressing. The things he wrote under a fake name were terrible. “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” was a number-one hit for Simple Minds and broke them out in the United States. February 10, 2010 It just really brings down the film. It ends up being a love letter to John. *** ½ Alex M Still, that may just be the grown-up in me talking; as Sheedy's Allison puts it in "The Breakfast Club", "When you grow up, your heart dies", and "Don't You Forget About Me" bears out Hughes's reminders to hold on to your youth, because it's all downhill from there. If so, well then: spoiler alert. January 30, 2010 For those who love John Hughes, which is most of us, this documentary is a pleasant reminder why wel fell in love with all his movies in the first place. Track listing That sound you can hear is Hughes spinning - or perhaps still twisting and shouting - in his grave. Gear up for Stephen King's upcoming adaptation with a look at some of our favorite photos from "The Stand," starring Whoopi Goldberg and Alexander Skarsgård. With Katerina Didaskalou, Pinelopi Dreki, Petros Sevastikoglou, Nikos Sofikitis. After Mr. Hughes died on Thursday of a heart attack, Mr. Austin Sadowski said, he started receiving interview requests from the news media the next day. This isa documentary by four friends who just want to find out why John Hughes had disappeared from the movie making buisness. This FAQ is empty. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. We're sure that he had to have been a Batman fan and that the dark knight probably inspired him at some point in his long career. So the neophyte documentary crew hit the road to his hometown, documenting their journey, the approach they would take, and their personal connections to the film. Don't You Forget About Me, I came to the conclusion that he deserves a much better documentary than a group of my fellow Canadian filmmakers stalking his home for an interview. *** Kristina G February 9, 2010 The filmmakers offer us tremendous insight via the cast and crew of Hughes' films. As we watch them travel to Chicago, the film is peppered with interviews of actors who starred in Hughes's movies, celebrity fans, and people on the street. 80's Teen Movie Scenes Mashup - Don't You (Forget About Me). Der Song ist Teil des Soundtracks zum Film Der Frühstücksclub. When John Hughes found out that Forsey wrote "Don't You (Forget About Me)," he delved deeper into The Psychedelic Furs and discovered the group's 1981 song "Pretty In Pink." “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” cleverly trumpets all of these sentiments in one timeless bundle. **** Andrew P (Video 1985). Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Lovely tribute documentary to John Hughes. Directed by Matt Sadowski. Feb 19, 2011. See Full Cast + Crew for Don't You Forget About Me Features Load More Features Movie … February 13, 2010 Despite various personnel changes, they continue to record and tour. There's a VCR playing John Hughes movies. For those who are not familiar with his work. Why do his films resonate with those that grew up with them, and those that have just discovered them? Simple Minds performs in the music video for "Don't You (Forget About Me)" from the original motion picture soundtrack of The Breakfast Club (1985) recorded for Virgin Records. Excellent premise and fascinating interviews and analysis of John Hughes' impact on filmmaking and teen life. The song plays during the opening (Forsey's demo) and closing (Simple Minds' recording) credits of the John Hughes film The Breakfast Club. Giving me everything inside and out and Love's strange so real in the dark Think of the tender things that we were working on Slow change may pull us apart When the light gets into your heart, baby Don't You Forget About Me Don't Don't Don't Don't Don't You Forget About Me Will you stand above me? Even though his life ended so suddenly less than a year ago, this documentary still is able to keep that positive light at the end which, when you think about it, is exactly what John Hughes achieved with every film in which he was involved. ***Evan G Simple Minds performs in the music video for "Don't You (Forget About Me)" from the original motion picture soundtrack of, View production, box office, & company info. The only drawback to this documentary is the intrusiveness of the filmmakers themselves. Filmed in 2008, this affectionate fanboy tribute to the work of John Hughes suffers from an irksome framing device - it's the journey of four Canadians (all of whom look and speak like refugees from a chewing gum commercial) making their way to interview the reclusive director at his Chicago home, an ad hoc quest that leads to far too many production meetings being held on camera. They are putting on a bet. There was even a point when one of them mentioned to one of the leads to stop acting and just be real. "Don't You (Forget About Me)" is a song performed by Scottish rock band Simple Minds. His output before his much-talked about "disappearance" wasn't his best.

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