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I am very close to purchasing the Dunlop CX 200 Tour 18×20, but am intrigued by the Gravity Pro as a lover of old Head frames. So the Gravity Tour would be my suggestion. 80/100. I was loving serving with the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour. Since you are familiar with both frames, I was wondering how they compared and which one you favor. Thanks for pointing this out, I kept getting the names mixed up! Great review. … Hey Jonas, great review as always – many thanks! Although I feel like it might need a little more plough and maybe just a tiny bit more of a modern feel. I’m still using the 2014 Graphene model and am looking into buying the newest version. Hi I had the same issue. Hi Can you compare the new Head prestige tour/mp and Gravity pro/mp ? Head's flip design features a teal & hot lava cosmetic. I’ve been having a slight moan in recent years that something has been missing from Head’s racket lineup. Yet know I’ve been tempted to try the new 18/20 v7 wilson blade. I really liked the pro version, because it was so stable i felt that i cant fail. It’s difficult to mark the Gravity Tour down too much though as it still put in a very decent performance. The power however is tempered nicely due to its 18x20 string pattern, for added precision. I like HEAD Hawk Touch or Lynx Anthracite in the Gravity. Compared to the Gravity Pro (which also has an 18x20 string pattern), this racquet is lighter and faster. I’m a all round player who likes to build the point on the baseline and attack the net when possible (should do that more often). Hi. It sounds like the Speed Pro has a lot of qualities you like, so see how you can maximize it through the stringing. Is the speed pro more comfortable in terms of swing weight, spin , power etc? I am not sure which one I like more at the moment. I had to switch to MP and I added some weight to the neck. After doing this HEAD Gravity racquet review I can sincerely say that I am impressed by the performance. THE BASE LINE | Head has created a racquet line capable of lasting the test of time thanks to the Gravity's slew of innovations. Compared to my racquet of choice, the Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310), this Gravity MP is more control oriented and more maneuverable." Also, like the Isometric head shape of Yonex racquets, this actually seems to work to enlarge the sweet spot. I was never visually happy to play with a more rounded racquet, but this one does not bother me as much (it is a bit less extreme in shape). One word, WOW!!!!! I have the same issue with both, but of course it’s more noticeable on the heavier one. Any thoughts you might share comparing the – Gravity Pro vs the new Pure Strike 98 18×20? The GRAVITY TOUR features the silo's typical massive sweetspot perfect for the next generation's modern power style of play. In terms of competing with its direct rivals like the Babolat Pure Strike, I thought performance-wise it was right there, the big area where the Gravity Tour has started to pull ahead is the comfort levels. I tried the Gravity MP and liked it but it might be too light. All these sticks offer good maneuverability and enticing control, but would the new technology in the Gravity Tour set it apart? Head paint jobs are either brilliant or awful. Hello!!! You can afford to go for a little bit more when you’re confident you’re going to make the second serve and this gives you a lot of options. There are clear markings where to tie off your mains and crosses. Several report the problem with poor quality control for these frames which also speaks to choosing the Tour version which leaves more room for customizations. I’m a all round player who likes to build the point on the baseline and attack the net when possible (should do that more often). They actually play quite close in feel, but the Gravity has a larger head size and is, therefore, easier to use. I get better plow-through and feel with the Pro, but the Tour is easier to use. Tourbite 1.20 mm at 52 pounds and it hits the spot for me. With its distinctive flip design and a 18/20 string pattern for optimal control, the GRAVITY TOUR is perfect for serious next generation … The Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour provides a great alternative to the Gravity Pro and is more than capable of competing with its rivals. Could you uncover the mystery ??? My frame is 10.8 ounces unstrung and I like that weight. Volleying is where the Tour’s improved mobility over the Pro shows out. Hope this helps. The GRAVITY TOUR comes with the new Graphene 360+ technology, a combination of Graphene 360's energy transfer and innovative spiralfibers for an enhanced flex and clean impact feel. Does this line feel weight polarized like the Radicals? Head size = 99 sq in. Hi .To your opinion which one between Pro and Tour is suitable to switch from Head Prestige flexpoint mp ? The new HEAD Gravity racquet line has finally been revealed and I have been fortunate to play-test three different models in the line-up. The naming of racquets is never easy and it is hard to explain what makes a “Pro” racquet and what makes a “Tour” racquet but in lack of better words, it has just become standard in the racquet industry. Could you see if they are filled with foam ??? Loot in stock HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour Professional Tennis Racquet for Men and Women at Amazon. The Gravity Tour comes with the new Graphene 360+ technology and 18/20 string pattern for optimal control. I could not really find a shot where I did not like the HEAD Gravity. Not a Pure Drive by any means, but a more forgiving player racquet. Would like to try an 18×20 and this looks good! I am at 331g strung. If that fails, then the Gravity Tour could be a good fit though. How have you customized your Head Gravity MP? If you’re having problems it is worth playing around with the balance a bit to see if you can find the blend that suits you, so I hope you find the setup that allows you to get the most out of this stick. You were a fan previously of the Angell K7 Red – how does it compare to the Gravity Tour (&MP)? Regards / J. Hola German, Sorry for the delay, they are not filled with foam. Spiralfibers Tear Drop Shaped Head Graphene 360 for Energy Return and Stability Size - (4_1/2) | Color - (See Description) New (7) from $189.95 + FREE Shipping. and what type of player?????? The Gravity Pro is more of a control-oriented player stick, while the Clash gives you easier access to power and spin at the cost of some control and feel. in., 11.4 oz., 18x20 string pattern. I wish we had the Tour in the US. Many tennis nerds have been waiting for a softer advanced player racquet from HEAD and here it is. Radical graphene touch was appalling, but the new 360 line is great (particularly the 360 Speed). In any event, how do you think the Gravity Pro compares with the V1 Pro? The GRAVITY TOUR comes with the new Graphene 360+ technology and 18/20 string pattern for optimal control. Brittany - "The Gravity MP is a completely different racquet from anything in Head's current lineup. Cheers / J. Hi Ed, The Gravity line is really arm-friendly so I wouldn’t worry about that. It truly is a great stick.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What a racket… Ordered another 2 and switching to Head… Pain in my heart but the level of control is phenominal. However, if you don’t produce quite as much racket head speed, or you have one shot where you struggle to produce racket head speed then it might be worth looking at the Tour. Personally, I am a big fan of that blend of control and feel and would certainly be considering the Gravity Tour if I was looking for a new racket around 305g. Pro or Tour? This was an exciting racket to test because of the heritage that comes with the Head Prestige and it’s fair to say that Head haven’t tried to change a winning formula, they’ve merely polished a … HEAD Gravity Pro – the heaviest racquet in the series. But since the whole industry talks about the “sweet spot”, I will stick to that phrase. From the flexibility and solidity to the enhanced sweet spot, the Gravity might create a following with younger players (who tend to hit higher up on the frame) and anyone looking for a … Top Three Racquets for Intermediate Players, HEAD Gravity MP racquet in its prototype paint job, Yonex VCORE Racquets 2021 – First impressions. For a Gravity Tour would you rather pick Tour Bite or Tour Bite Soft? Thanks for the review (as always – great job) – the one you did for Tecnifibre TF40 305 got me seriously thinking about that racket. The Gravity is more forgiving, even with TourBite string. Built with Graphene 360+ , the Gravity Tour combines the stability and power of Graphene 360 with SpiralFibers in the lower head for a cleaner feel at impact. What tension would you recommend, Jonas? I am totally cured, have easy spin and maneuverability but definitely I miss the control and precision of the Radical. I am still playing with though and should perhaps create a finalized review post. head size and teardrop shaped head allow for a larger sweet spot and easier power. Weight = 305g. The Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour comes from HEAD's Gravity collection. It started with Graphene, then Graphene XT, Graphene Touch, Graphene 360 and now, with the HEAD Gravity series, Graphene 360+. Gravity pro seems very interesting that I am mainly playing with a K7 Lime, many specs are the same other than the headsize and the beam width at the throat..it seems to be a more forgiving and probably less control oriented than the K7 Lime? I’m changed too many. Do you let the racket help you out with a little bit of added pop, or does it all come from your swing speed? This … Not sure what the plus stands for, but since these racquets feel less hollow and more comfortable than the Graphene 360, I think it might be some kind of foam filling or other dampening material inside the frame. Easier to transition to for someone coming from a Wilson Blade or Tecnifibre Tfight XTC 305. Tour 1.25 Saite 4.33 4.33 Sterne Testbericht von Berthold Arming . Hi Martin, Happy to hear you have found your stick! Alguna novedad??? That’s a great racquet that I used for a few years. I used to play official tournaments in Portugal, and now, after a few years off, I’m planning to enter the senior (Age 44) ranking next year. The main thing is getting out there and playing some tennis with them before you commit. One of my rackets sits at 302g, 320mm, 321SW (strung with Velocity MLT). The two rackets are very similar in many ways. I need your help. Coming from RF97 and PS97 CV 315g the transition was made very fast and I truly love the direct connection this stick provides to me, it’s just pinpoint Tennis. Great review and nice to see Head finally moving in this direction again. In conclusion. I tested two racquets strung with HEAD Hawk Touch and the Gravity Pro still had the factory string (which is rarely recommended), but I wanted to keep it there as an experiment. More control, higher swing weight, more plow-through, thinner beam, a bit tougher to swing unless you are an advanced player. Hi tennisnerd, after your review i had to test the gravity line. The Tour is lighter but seems to have a stiffer frame, would I lose feel with the tour? Hi Andrés, Thanks! Im still currently playing with a Head iPrestige Mid 600. All in all, it’s hard to fault this racket. Both are good, the Speed is a bit faster and more powerful. how would you compare the gravity pro to the extreme pro? and which one would you recommend for an advanced junior player? One thing that confuses me with most rackets these days is the names. I also want to know if Jonus is making the switch from K7 Lime. Your tests are always very informative and non-biased (compared to other play testers). Which is the better? Interesting new line from Head indeed. I just loved that it already comes with a 330 swing weight out of the box and is ready for tournament play without any customization. The bigger sweetspot(i came from the prestige pro) really help me with my game and the feel is so nice and i have no Problems to swing the stick the hole match. If it is domination you want, look no further. maybe less aggresive version of the K7 Lime? The biggest Problem for me was that after 1 hour match time i get a really tired arm and the quality of my game decreased. Thanks. Der GRAVITY TOUR verfügt über die neue Graphene 360+ Technologie und das 18/20-Bespannungsbild sorgt für optimale Kontrolle. It also has a slightly thicker beam, resulting in a tad more power. The Gravity Pro is more comfortable than the Speed Pro and gives you better control. Can’t wait to string it with Luxilon ace 112.. What do you think makes it worse at generating spin than pro? Don’t get me wrong, this racket is still very much control-oriented, but it just gives you a little bit more oomph than the Pro. The Gravity is the perfect racquet for players looking for a lighter frame with loads of spin. What I want from racket is; control and power and my common error is missing the sweet spot and also I want my racket’s head not heavier than the grip. If I would choose one of them it would be the Gravity MP. You can easily play doubles and singles with this racket without having to worry about its performance at the net. That is all marketing of course, but what is really behind their new racquet line? After demo Gravity tour seems to have a lower launch angle due to 18×20 but somehow considerably more power. If you want, control, feel, maneuverability, and comfort then this is a racket you need to look at. Which do you prefer: Wilson Ultra Tour 18 x 20 or HEAD Gravity Pro? Please bear in mind that I need a bit more time to make a complete review, but I am already quite confident about these racquets after playing with them for about a month. Graphene 360 is … More spin-friendly than the Tour and the Pro and a good choice for a wide group of players. The Tour and MP are fine racquets too, but the Pro is my choice of the bunch. Your email address will not be published. I’m not able to play test either sadly, but coming from Fischer vacuum pro 90s I am looking for a 19/20mm beam and flex of around 61. It makes it easier for someone who is switching from a 16 x 19 string pattern, but you will still find it very different. Thanks! thanks. I loved gravity tour but I had hard time with manuerverability. and is a a big difference, Hi Jonas, thanks a million for the playtest information. We’d all lean slightly towards the Pro for that extra little bit of stability, but it’s a tough call. The HEAD Gravity line has been hyped up quite a bit with marketing lingo such as “New force, New game”, “The Force is Coming”, “Massive Sweet Spot Dominates the Game” … The Gravity MP is the easiest to use of them all – the Gravity Pro the most difficult. The HEAD Gravity racquets come with a new technology, something HEAD calls Graphene 360 +. My shop didn’t order a demo of the Pro so I’m worried it might be a little too heavy? My question is is the difference in swingweight between my racquet and the Gravit Pro significant? I think the Gravity Tour or Wilson Clash Tour are good options. Do you have a particular favourite as you gave both a good review. Did you compare these sticks already, what’s your take on them, how would you rate them? HEAD is back with a late addition to the Gravity family with the Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour Tennis Racquet. The Gravity Tour is one of those rackets that makes playing tennis feel natural and I’m a big fan of that. The new HEAD Gravity racquets should be a success for the company and for the players using these racquets. It’s not a huge difference in stability and it mainly comes for the difference in weight. Thank you for your thoughtful and comprehensive review. That being said I usually gravitate between Wilson Prostaf 97 tour (not the countervail), Yonex DR98 (which I sold recently… big mistake) and a Babolat Pure Strike 16/19. I like to hit ground strokes hard and flat but I also play with a lot of spin. Can you compare Head Speed 360 pro and Gravity 360+ pro? Regards / J. I’ve been playing with a Volkl V1 Pro for the past few years and I love the way it connects with the ball . Savings Upto 83% -- Created at 20/10/2020, 18 Replies - Hot Deals - Online -- India's Fastest growing Online Shopping Community to find Hottest deals, Coupon codes and Freebies. We have replied on the comment you left on Wilson Blade 98 V7. The heft, the control, it was all right at home for me. THanks and I look forward to future videos, I wish we had your weather in the UK! Mein Spielstil ist eher Grundlinienorientier allerdings versuche ich immer … Stringing up the Head Gravity MP was a breeze; I opted for an “Around The World” (ATW) method. This was another solid performance from the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour and we gave it an 8 out of 10 for volleys. The Gravity Pro gives you a bigger sweet spot a bit more spin and still a very good feel. If you’re more accustomed to the lighter racket then it’s likely you could find the Tour to offer more spin though. The closest to the DR 98 would probably be the Gravity MP. Score. I would like to try it out myself! If the racket gives you too much easy spin then it’s easy to lose control of the ball, I’d rather have to work for the spin and keep the control. The GRAVITY TOUR comes with the new Graphene 360+ technology, a combination … If you want a racquet that is faster through the air, go for the Dunlop CX 200 Tour! I came in a bit skeptical, but in the end, this is exactly what I wanted to see from HEAD, a players racquet that is not just a remake of older Prestiges but also takes into account the demand for a bigger sweet spot and more top-spin. I just want to point out here that the actual “sweet spot”, meaning the optimal position in the racquet head to hit the ball, does not variate much from different racquets, but the “sweet area” where you have more margin for error on off-center hits varies quite a bit. I tested the HEAD Gravity MP racquet in its prototype paint job here. Great job from HEAD. And the weight should be around 295gr-305gr. We know how you feel with your search for the holy grail. This S version of the series is extremely easy to play with and it brings the best of the Gravity family: It's massive sweetspot and Graphene 360+ Technology! The Tour is much less stable e comfortble then the Pro or just a little bit…, In Brazil is very difficult to find a I think I fall into that second bracket that we talked about though and I’d rather have that extra control of the Gravity Pro over the bit of pop of the Gravity Tour. Very detailed and very tempting, so I ordered one to test… Dread the outcome as I am a Wilson man starting as early as the wilson jack kramer staff midsize, pro staffs (85 & 95), first blades and now the awesome v7 after a lame v6. Not for me, I’m more a fan of more oval shaped head racquets which I find better for control, but I can imagine the gravity line is good for heavy spin grinding from the baseline. Head Size: 104 in² / 671 cm² Length: 27in / 68,5cm Strung Weight: 301g / 10,6oz Unstrung Weight: 285g/10,1oz Balance: 33,48cm / 3 pts HL Swingweight: 307 String Pattern: 16 Mains / 20 Crosses I’d say the two rackets are very close when it comes to spin. Jason - "The Head Gravity MP plays very similarly to the Babolat Pure Strike 100." Again, there was so much to like about the Gravity Tour here. The extra maneuverability and pop really make for a good experience on serve and you can crank the MPH. I guess at the end of the day it’s just marketing so we’ve got to go out and do the playtest to tell you which one is which! Serving, it’s less powerful than the Pure Strike 18×20, more powerful than Wilson Ultra Tour. Jonas – on the Tour and MP versions what is your estimate of their respective swing weights, and what about launch angle? In your opinion which one has something in similar with ezone DR 98 & weight 305 gr? There will be some big servers out there who want something a bit heavier, but for the majority of us, the Gravity Tour does the job. We gave the Pro a slightly higher score because we felt with aggressive, full swings you could get that little bit more spin out of this racket. I felt like the Head Speed Pro had changed quite a bit and it had left a gap that needed to be filled in. This is where the discussion of how you generate your power really comes in.

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